Welcome back!

We hope everyone had a good summer and that you're as excited as we are for the new school year!

We are busy redoing the Re-Create.org and ArtsAndAthletics.org websites, updating not just the look and feel of the sites, but also their focus and purpose. Going forward you'll find answers to all of your afterschool questions (for our programs at PS 9, 84, and 166) on the ArtsAndAthletics.org website. This will include class descriptions and registration procedures.

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About Re-Create

Based on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Re-Create is a community organization focusing on teaching and learning across the life-span. In addition to supporting the Arts and Athletics afterschool enrichment programs at PS 9, PS 84, and PS 166, we also offer fitness classes for adults and children, professional development for coaches and teachers, and writing and book clubs for a range of ages.

Professional Development

Experts in a number of areas help educators to build their skills and knowledge and master their craft

Coaching Education

Veteran track and field coaches and coaching educators have hosted nearly twenty Level 1 school, certifying over a thousand coaches in the United States Track and Field Curriculum.

Workshops are available to help coaches in all sports to master the concepts of physical fitness and sports training design

Re-Create Offers a Variety of Classes

Classes are offered for people of all ages and interests...topics include dance, running, creative writing, web design, and music instruction


Classes take place nights, weekend, and holidays to fit with your busy schedule