Enrichment Programs

Language & Literature
Re-Create language and literature offerings include an array of fun and challenging classes that use and develop academic and intellectual skill in a fun and relaxed environment. Classes include language study in Spanish, French, Mandarin, and have included Latin, German, and Italian in the past. Other activities that cultivate our students’ love of the written word are Creative Writing, School Newspaper, and Book Club.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
Increasing in popularity every cycle are our STEM offerings which challenge students to observe closely and then “program” events in the real world. These offerings include Science Experiments, Math Explorations, and Coding, as well as Lego Mindstorms Robotics, LittleBits, Computer Animation, and Web Design. Future offerings will include 3D Printing, Arduino, and Maker classes where children learn to engage actively rather than passively with technology.

Crafts & Studio Arts
Crafts and studio art offerings have always been popular in our afterschool, across ages and grades. In crafts classes such as World of Crafts, Scrapbooking, Fashion Design, and Knitting, children learn to use everyday items in creative projects that are always beautiful and often functional as well. In addition to crafts, we offer art classes where children can develop their skills in the use of traditional media such as pencil, paint, and clay, as well as new media in our computer animation class.

Performing Arts & Movement
Central to our performing arts program are our musical theater offerings where children hone their skills in singing, dancing, and acting in the process of producing fully staged productions. Children are also able to study a range of dance styles such as tap, ballet, hip hop, jazz, Irish, Step, and hula. Instrumental music instruction is offered in piano, guitar, violin, and voice. We also offer a 7 week performing arts camp during the summer, where children write, rehearse, and perform an original show each week.

Sports & Physical Activity
Our emphasis across all of our sports and physical activity offerings is to promote physical fitness, develop skill and agility, and teach life skills such as sportsmanship and team play. Classes include Kickball, Softball, Socecr, Running, Martial Arts, Yoga, Fencing, Tennis, Inline Skating, Playground Games. While our classes are not designed to be highly competitive, children nevertheless get a great workout.

Lively Skills
Some programs can’t be categorized as arts or athletics and yet are among the best examples of Re-Create’s afterschool sensibility. These classes include cooking, gardening, ecology, nature, and planting.

Cooking instruction has been part of the program for twenty years, teaching children practical skills like measuring and following instructions, where their food comes from, and how to make healthy choices. Class themes include holiday classics, bruch, pizza and pasta, quick breads, harvest festival, and fruit and chocolate.

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