Our Mission and Who We Are

Re-Create/Arts & Athletics provides high quality enrichment classes as well as academic support for children at PS 9, PS 84, PS 166, and the surrounding Upper West Side neighborhood. Our mission is to benefit our school communities by offering a wide range of educational opportunities, both physical and intellectual, in a safe and supportive environment.

Re-Create and the Joy of Learning
A common thread running through all of Re-Create’s afterschool activities is that they are interesting, engaging, and challenging. We encourage students to utilize and develop their skills in all of our classes. Whether it’s Creative Writing, Science Experiments, 9 News, or Bookclub, kids learnĀ for their own enjoyment without school related pressures and grades. Similarly, the emphasis in our sports programs and other physical activities is on the fun of playing as opposed to the stress of competing. At Re-Create we believe it is important that kids get the exercise they need, an understanding of the rules and strategies of the games, develop their individual skills and, most importantly, learn the social values of cooperative play.

Classes are taught by certified teachers and subject area specialists who are both qualified and really enjoy the subjects they teach.

Neil Fitzgerald has been part of the after school team at PS 9 since 2006, first as Registrar and then as Co-Director, building the database and online registration system, supervising teachers, and designing the current schedule. Over the years, Neil has taught a variety of classes in the afterschool, including Running, Web Design, Ultimate Frisbee, and 9 News and he has been a running coach, teacher, and teacher educator in New York City since 1996.

Neil earned his BA from Brown University and two masters degrees in education from Teachers College, Columbia University. As an athletics coach, Neil is certified by United States Track and Field as a Level II coach in three specialties: Sprints, Endurance, and Youth Athletics.

Site Supervisor–PS 9
Ryan Zavala joined the after-school team in September 2012 as our human resources coordinator and quickly took on a range of other responsibilities, including supervising operations at PS 166. Ryan has a degree in nursing and spent ten years working in acute rehabilitation with spinal cord injury patients and military service personnel returning from duty. Among his growing list of responsibilities, Ryan is spear-heading ongoing efforts to recruit and hire teachers for a variety of new after-school activities.

Site Supervisor–PS 84
Antwuan Roper has worked in the after school realm for over 10 years, beginning with the Boys and Girls Club of America in Tallahassee, Florida. Antwuan earned his BA in Theatre Performance from Florida A & M, and an MFA in Acting from Savannah College of Art and Design. He has a strong hiphop dance background and has enjoyed teaching dance to kids for the past 15 years. Antwuan has a deep passion for the arts and looks forward to building the arts enrichment program within the Re-Create/Arts & Athletics organization.

Site Supervisor–PS 166
Monica Holmes brings over 15 years of experience as an educator and athletic coach to the Re-Create/Arts & Athletics team. She has taught high school physical education, coached collegiate volleyball and is a motorcycle safety instructor. She earned a BA from the University of North Carolina Charlotte and an MA from Teachers College, Columbia University.