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Education Security. Amidst all the disruption caused by the global health crisis, growing protests for racial justice, as well as looming economic uncertainty, the Arts and Athletics and Re-Create organizations are focused on the crucial but often overlooked role of education in meeting the immediate needs of students (e.g. nutritional, health, and social-emotional, and childcare) as well as the longterm need to prepare children for participation in society, without forgetting the ongoing struggle to prepare society for them.

Our efforts to meet the educational and childcare needs of children and families over the last three months using video and online course tools has made clear that the internet will emerge as an indispensable tool to ensure that all children have consistent high quality instruction and opportunity to learn, no matter what external disturbance occurs.

Located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Re-Create is a community organization focused on teaching and learning across the life-span. In addition to supporting the Arts and Athletics afterschool enrichment programs at PS 9, Anderson / PS 334, and PS 452, we also offer fitness classes for adults and children, professional development for coaches and teachers, and writing and book clubs for a range of ages.

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Writers’ Workshop

Workshops and related literary events target a range of genres for a range of ages. Enjoy a supportive atmosphere to learn about memoir, poetry, and fiction.

Fall term will feature seminars for high school senior, providing support and guidance in writing personal essays as they approach the college application process.

Coming soon: Writing for Civic Engagement. Click here to learn more.

Acting and Improv

Participants will hone their appreciation of story telling and meaning making through scene study and theater games.

Professional Development

Experts in a number of areas help educators to build their skills and knowledge and master their craft. Click here to learn more.

Coaching Education

Our veteran track and field coaches and coaching educators have hosted nearly twenty Level 1 school, certifying over a thousand coaches in the United States Track and Field Curriculum. Click here to learn more.

Workshops are available to help coaches in all sports to master the concepts of physical fitness and sports training design.

Re-Create Offers a Variety of Classes

Classes are offered for people of all ages and interests…topics include dance, running, creative writing, web design, and music instruction


Classes take place nights, weekend, and holidays to fit with your busy schedule